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Updated: May 28, 2024

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We are so blessed with such an amazing community! Because of the dedication, hard work, collaboration, communication, and generosity of the John Dearness community at large we have achieved and exceeded our goal!!

Thank you is just not big enough to describe the gratitude we all feel!

None of this was possible without the generosity of YOU! We have had so many people working tirelessly to put together fundraisers, reach out for donations, research and submit grant applications,

and make donations!

Fundraising will conclude on Friday, June 7th.

Please continue to support existing fundraisers until that time, including the raffle of an enticing yeti cooler at the JD BBQ, so that we can fully enrich our outdoor learning opportunities for our students.

The playground company has been contacted and we are on the list for installation to begin in August.

Words cannot express the overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness to this amazing community

for pulling together and making this happen in just under one year!

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Updated: June 10, 2024

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Picture taken Aug 14, 2023




Kindergarten Playground

is about to be

has been

We knew it was coming and had begun planning. We have selected the new play structure, but ran out of time. Unfortunately, the structure was deemed unfit as of Aug 2023.

We must raise


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Will pay for

the new boundary frame

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School Community

Must come up with the funds to purchase the next equipment.

It will NOT be purchased by TVDSB

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The new playground equipment has been selected. We are now at the stage of raising funds to purchase it.

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We are seeking $70,000 in donations as we now have NO TIME and our Kindergarten students have

NO outdoor play structure.




  • Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 and greater
  • ALL donors will be listed in the opening ceremony brochure, featured in the school newsletter, and shared within the community
  • ALL donors to be recognized permanently on or near the playground, and on our donors page below. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Page of Resources below with PDF documents for approaching community or business to help
  • please send an email to and we will pick up your generous donation (via cheque)



Outdoor Toys in a Garden.


  • Although we are working diligently at raising money, in the meantime the Kindergarten students need outdoor play toys.
  • please send an email to and we will pick up your generous donation




  • If you can spare time to help us raise funds please contact us. All help is GREATLY appreciated!
  • please send an email to

Get in


Donations are accepted by cheque only at this time.

We will gladly pick up cheques, please email to make arrangements.

Please make cheques payable to:

John Dearness Public School

memo line: " Playground "

Cheques can be hand delivered or mailed to:

John Dearness Public School

555 Sanatorium Road

London, Ontario, Canada, N6H 3W6

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Thank You!

Page of


Please feel free to download either PDF to reach out to businesses or community members to request donations.

Please email us prior to reaching out to businesses as we may have already contacted them, or they may have already donated!